Week 7 – Stop Dieting and Nourish Yourself

Focus all your attention, energy, and desire on loving yourself. How would you lovingly nourish and take care of your body? We are chemical beings, and what we eat can greatly harm us or  bring us good health. Make it simple and concentrate your effort on avoiding excess fat, sugar, salt and processed foods that erode your ability to feel good. Vegetables, fruits and whole grains give us energy and the nutrients we need to feel dynamic. If losing weight is your desire, then love yourself into it and try these tips:

  • Make a plan and shop with a list that is healthy and will provide foods that please you.
  • Shop in the first part of your day when you are not hungry.
  • Go to health-minded stores to buy organic and stay away from processed foods.
  • Eat throughout the day to feel satisfied and avoid severe hunger.
  • Use a small plate and small utensils to have appropriate portions.
  • Clean out your cupboards of unhealthy foods and stock with healthy options.
  • Make half your plate vegetables, one quarter lean protein and one quarter whole grain.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking water all day long.
  • Ditch the scale! Don’t worry about numbers or calories! 
  • Love yourself as is! Do not wait until you are a certain size to start loving yourself! 
  • If your mouth needs to be busy, chew sugarless gum.
  • If you finish your meal and you still want to eat, go for a walk, call a friend or journal.
  • If snacking while watching a screen, use a small bowl for the appropriate portion.
  • Listen to healthy eating podcasts or read healthy nutrition magazines.
  • Brush your teeth after dinner or choose fruit as your dessert.
  • Write down your goal and your reason (WHY) you want to eat healthy and post it.
  • Have fun finding new recipes and experimenting with healthy alternatives in the kitchen.
  • Ask yourself before you eat or make a food purchase; Am I loving myself with this decision?

When you choose to eat in ways that take care of yourself, with good nutrition most of the time, you establish healthy eating habits. When something special comes along, like a dinner party or other celebration, you can indulge in eating something that isn’t as healthy and do it without guilt. When you make this decision, then also take advantage of this special moment and slow down, eat only the amount that will satisfy you, and eat mindfully. This means look at the food, smell it, take a small amount and bring it to your mouth and be fully present so that you can savor the taste and texture. Allow the bite to be fully swallowed and enjoyed and then make the decision if that was satisfying or would you like another bite. Nourish yourself in a way that will bring you the gift of health and wellness in your body and your mind. 

What healthy eating steps will you take?

“One should eat to live; not live to eat.” Socrates