Week 4 – Savor The Good

Each day offers us moments of goodness. It can be as simple as the rising sun, a blue sky, or seeing someone smile. They can also be profound like earning a promotion or attending a loved one’s wedding. In all cases, pause and recognize the moments to be cherished and savored. Do this both at the moment and at the end of your day. Look back and find the part of your day that was good. Allow yourself the feeling of peace, tranquillity and joy that can come from reflecting back on moments of goodness. Be on the lookout for these moments to get the ball rolling. It could be watching children at play, noticing the kind gesture of strangers helping one another, or going to bed and enjoying the feel of clean sheets. Start your day with the intention to seek out beautiful, kind and good moments. Then pause to savor them. Let them stop you in your tracks, just for a few deep breaths to say ahhh. These are the moments in life where you can feel good about yourself and your environment. Take a moment at the end of your day to reflect back, and write down what you are grateful for in your journal or the Wellness Your Way Action Plan.


Set a calendar event to “Savor the Good” as a daily reminder.

Keep a GOOD list. Use your phone, small notebook or a slip of paper, and look at the list before bed. 

Be the GOOD. Have the intention to do an act of goodness for yourself, the world, your home, a friend or a stranger. 

What ways would allow you the experience of savoring the good?

What specific actions will you take to Savor the Good?

“Allow goodness to capture your attention.” – Michelle