Week 5 – Daily Power Thought

Begin each day with a Power Thought. This can be an intention, something that you want for yourself, such as “I will pass the exam”, or an affirmation “I am calm”. Take a few moments before you get out of bed to consider what message, if repeated to yourself throughout the day, will give you a desired mindset. Use it like a compass to keep you on track each day. Our minds can run wild and be distracted, taking us off course. Set yourself up for success by using your Power Thought as a guide rail to maintain focus and clarity. Begin each week by determining a Power Thought for yourself and writing it down on your Action Plan. Look at it each day.


I am creative. I am productive. I enjoy each and every moment. I will find my dream job. I know how to have fun. I am loved. I feed my body good nutrition. I am the author of my life. 

What are some Power Thoughts that will keep your mind focused on being your best self?

Write your Power Thought for the week down in the box near the top of your Wellness Your Way Action Plan or in your own journal.

“What you think, you become”. – Buddha