Week 12 – Posture

Focusing on sitting and standing with good posture has numerous benefits. It opens up your chest cavity for deeper breathing, encouraging more oxygen to your brain and vital organs. It creates more space for your heart to pump efficiently and improve circulation. It also allows for better digestion, less gas and bloating than a slouched position does. Engaging your core to sit or stand tall strengthens the muscles that support your spine, lessening back pain. It also improves your appearance and gives a look of confidence and approachability. 

What does good posture look like? Your head is up and your eyes are looking at the horizon. Your shoulders are soft and square, not rounded. If sitting, both feet are resting flat on the floor. If standing, your ears are over your shoulders, your shoulders are over your hips, your hips are neutral (not tilted forward or back) over soft knees, and your feet are hip distance apart. Visualize a string pulling the top of your head up toward the ceiling.

When should you practice good posture? Throughout every day. It is easy to make it part of your daily routine. Whenever you find yourself waiting, either sitting or standing, use this as a cue to practice good posture. Try to hold the good posture for 3 – 5 deep breaths. This will help to not only lower your blood pressure but it will give you a boost of energy!

Ideas of when to practice good posture:

Brushing your teeth

Waiting at the microwave, stove or other home appliance

Sitting in your car at a red light

Waiting in line at the grocery store, bank or other check-out line.

What are your ideas for when you can sit or stand with good posture?

“Good posture communicates your confidence without saying anything at all!” – Michelle